Ceramic Fiber Textiles

Ceramic Fiber Textiles are excellent refractory insulation materials for sale in Rongsheng refractory factory with great heat saving property and strong mechanical and chemical stability for all kinds of industrial kilns and furnaces application.

Quality Ceramic Fiber Textiles For Sale
Ceramic Fiber Textiles

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About Ceramic Fiber Textiles

Ceramic Fiber Textiles have good heat insulation property, which is better than traditional ceramic fiber products’ features of high strength and mechanical shock resistance.

There are many types of ceramic fiber textiles products such as ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber strip, ceramic fiber ropes, ceramic fiber packing and ceramic fiber sleevings.

Ceramic fiber cloth

Ceramic fiber cloth includes Crystalloid and Noncrystalline

Products service temperature is 650~1000℃

Products width is 500~2200mm

Noncrystalline fiber cloth


  • Used as the covers insulation materials for industrial kiln, high temperature pipeline and container and heat radiation
  • Furnace door curtain, fire resistance curtain, fireproofing door and etc.
  • Pipeline flexible expansion joint, boiler precipitator filter unit materials

Crystalloid fiber cloth

Application: work for pipeline compensator

Ceramic fiber rope

Ceramic fiber rope includes sennit, twisted rope and ceramic fiber pipe

Features: Large bulk density, tensile structure and little flexibility


  • Industrial furnace insulation for door, flue and brick setting expansion gap seal
  • Industrial kiln combustor, heat exchange, high temperature pipe and valve seal packing

Properties of Ceramic Fiber Textiles

  • High temperature resistance, service temperature between 650~1000℃.
  • Tensile strength and flexible properties at common and high temperature
  • Excellent high temperature thermal insulation, electric insulation and sealing property
  • Good Shock resistance
  • Easy to construct

Application of Ceramic Fiber Textiles

  • Door seal and screen of all kinds of insulation industrial kiln
  • High temperature flue, lining of air pipe and expansion joint
  • High temperature insulation for petrochemical equipment, container, pipe
Cheap Ceramic Fiber Textiles For Sale
Ceramic Fiber Textiles For Sale

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About Refractory Fiber

Refractory fiber, also called ceramic fiber, is the refractory materials with the lowest thermal conductivity and the best effect on heat insulation and energy-saving except nano-insulating materials. Refractory ceramic materials have many advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good heat insulation effect and convenient construction, which is the superior industrial kiln linings material.

Refractory fiber materials have the following features and advantages compared with traditional refractory bricks and refractory castables:

  • Energy-saving and cost-reducing
  • Low heat conductivity coefficient and heat thermal storage rate
  • Shorten the kilns’ cycle of operation
  • Energy consumption reduced by 1/3
  • Improve the controllability for furnace temperature
  • Realize rapid heating and cooling
  • Promote the accuracy for controlling furnace temperature
  • Short construction term and easily installed and serviced
  • Long service life
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Corrosion resistant ability to acid and alkali
  • Strong chemical stability
  • Porous light weight materials
  • Noise elimination and reduce industrial noise
  • Optimize operating environment

Ceramic Fiber Textiles include cloth, rope, strip products and etc., which are manufactured with ceramic fiber cotton, alkali-free glass fiber and high temperature resistant stainless steel alloy fiber through special process. Besides, we also provide high-temperature resistant textiles with special specification and properties according to customers’ requirement for service temperature and specific service condition.

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