RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating

RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating is launched by Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Company according to the special working environment. It can be used safely at 500 °C for a long time. It is suitable for metal inner coating in multiple industries, various working conditions, and various substrate surfaces. It has many advantages such as fire retardant, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, insulation protection, and so on. RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating adopts nanotechnology to reduce the heat loss rate by more than 60%. After the metal inner coating is fully cured, an ultra-low thermal conductivity refractory coating is formed, thereby achieving the effect of reducing heat loss during operation.

RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating
RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating

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RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating products are composed of high-temperature adhesives, high-temperature nano-insulation materials, various high-temperature fillers, and special additives. It can work in a temperature environment below 500°C for a long time and can insulate heat for high-temperature industrial furnace equipment to reduce heat loss. RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating, thermal insulation paint is used for thermal insulation, which can reduce heat loss by 60% compared with before and after coating. RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating coating on the inner walls of cement kilns, sulfuric acid fluidized furnaces, and other kilns can effectively prevent the erosion of acidic and alkaline gases.

Indicator Parameters of RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating

Item Index
Main Components Nano-materials, silicate compounds
Coating Thickness 1mm~5mm
Adhesion Strength 8Mpa
Construction Method Spraying, Brushing Rolling
TC 0.35W/m ·K
Reflectance Rate 0.85
Fire Protection Level Class A, incombustible
Construction Temperature 15℃~60℃
Package 20L/Bucket
Comprehensive Density 600kg/m³
Acid Resistance Good
Water Resistance Avoid Long-term Immersion In Water
The thickness of Dry Coating Film Mohs Hardness 6H

RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating Advantages

Compared with other insulating paint for metal products, RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating has the following advantages:

  • (1) It can be used up to 500°C, has high strength, and does not separate from metal materials.
  • (2) The thermal insulation paint can be directly painted on the metal surface, only need simple rust removal, and no rough surface treatment is required.
  • (3) The thermal insulation paint can be painted on all inorganic materials, such as metal, brick, concrete, wood, and fiberglass. And the coating is non-combustible, and the fire rating is Class A.

There are no harmful substances, VOC, and other components, and it will not cause harm to the human body during construction and use.

RS Kiln Refractory Manufacturer

RS Kiln Refractory Manufacturer is a refractory manufacturer with rich experience in the production and sales of refractory materials. RS 500 Inner Thermal Insulating Coating. Our refractory products, various refractory brick products, monolithic refractory castable products, and our new thermal insulating coating products. The technical team of Rongsheng refractory manufacturers can help high-temperature industrial furnaces solve the problem of refractory lining and design solutions for refractory lining materials. At the same time, Rongsheng manufacturers can also provide construction of refractory lining materials, turnkey projects, etc. If you need to build a new high-temperature industrial furnace or renovate the lining refractory material of a high-temperature industrial furnace, please contact us. We will customize refractory solutions for you according to your needs.

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