Pyrophyllite Bricks

Semi-siliceous refractory material made from Pyrophyllite. The raw material for making Pyrophyllite Bricks is pyrophyllite. According to the content of Al2O3, the firing temperature is between 1300 and 1350 °C. RS Kiln Refractory Manufacturer’s Sale of Pyrophyllite Bricks for Permanent Lining of Ladle. Contact us for free quotes and samples.

Pyrophyllite Bricks for Sale
Pyrophyllite Bricks for Sale

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The Description of Pyrophyllite Bricks

Pyrophyllite brick is a refractory product made of natural pyrophyllite as raw material, through rationalized batching, mixing, high-pressure pressing, and high-temperature sintering. The pyrophyllite brick produced by RS Kiln Refractory not only has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, but also has good thermal shock stability performance, and also has certain thermal expansion performance under high-temperature conditions, which can seal the brick joints and ensure the safe operation of high-temperature equipment.

Properties of Pyrophyllite Bricks

  1. Refractoriness >1630℃;
  2. 20N/cm2 load softening starting temperature is 1320℃;
  3. apparent porosity <18%;
  4. normal temperature compressive strength is 30-40MPa.
  5. The main chemical composition is Al2O3 10~18%, SiO2 78-86%.
  6. Mainly used for the permanent layer of the ladle, the working layer of the ladle, the working layer of the casting ladle, etc.

Technical Parameter of Pyrophyllite Bricks

Item RS-PY70 RS-PY75 RS-PY80 RS-PY83
SiO2,%                   ≥ 70 75 80 83
Al2O3,%                  ≥ 20 15 10 10
Fe2O3,%                  ≤ 1.5 1.5 1.2 0.8
K2O+Na2O),%            ≤ 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5
Apparent Porosity,%          ≤ 18 18 18 16
Bulk Density,g/cm3          ≥ 2.15 2.15 2.18 2.20
CCS, MPa                  ≥ 30 30 30 30
0.2MPa RUL℃              ≥ 1400 1450 1500

Application of Pyrophyllite Bricks

Pyrophyllite Bricks are mainly used for the permanent layer of ladle, the working layer of ladle, and the working layer of casting ladle, etc. Pyrophyllite Bricks are often used for ladle walls and bottoms. The brick has a high SiO2 content, generally above 80%, which is better than clay bricks in erosion resistance and integrity and does not hang slag.

The thermal expansion performance and excellent thermal shock stability of the pyrophyllite brick produced by RS Kiln Refractory determine that the permanent layer built by this product has good integrity, is not easy to peel off, and has a long service life. And because the thermal conductivity of the wax stone brick is relatively low, it can be used in the permanent layer of high-temperature equipment such as ladle, iron ladle, tundish, torpedo car, etc., to play a good role in thermal insulation. Among them, pyrophyllite brick (RS-PY83) is a fired brick made of selected high-silica pyrophyllite as raw material. In addition to the advantages of ordinary pyrophyllite brick, it also has good slag corrosion resistance, no pollution to molten steel and non-stick properties. Slag and other characteristics, it is an ideal material for masonry ladle and unrefined ladle working layer.

Pyrophyllite Bricks Factory
Pyrophyllite Bricks for Sale from RS Kiln Refractory

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Influence of Impurities in Pyrophyllite Bricks on Its Properties

The main raw material of Pyrophyllite Bricks is Pyrophyllite raw ore, which is made by adding a small amount of clay and other binders and sintering aids, using liquid binders such as pulp, and then firing after machine pressing. It is mainly used for ladle, ladle, and tundish. The permanent layer of the isothermal kiln is also widely used for the working layer of the small untreated electric furnace ladle. Its main chemical composition is SiO2, and the impurities are mainly K2O, Na2O, Fe2O3, etc. And Al2O3 can be regarded as both the main component and the impurity component.

As the Pyrophyllite mines are currently mined at fixed points, with the gradual mining of the ore, the quality of the Pyrophyllite raw materials at different ore sites often fluctuates, mainly manifested in the fluctuation of K2O + Na2O content. This has a great impact on the stability of the quality of Pyrophyllite Bricks.

The content of impurities such as K2O, Na2O, Al2O3 in the Pyrophyllite Bricks increases, the flexural strength increases, and the refractoriness, load softening temperature, and slag corrosion resistance will be greatly reduced. Therefore, according to the working conditions of high-temperature containers such as electric furnace ladle, when used as a working layer, the content of K2O+ Na2O in the Pyrophyllite Bricks must be controlled below 0.7% (w). However, the control range of Al2O3 content and its influence on the high-temperature performance of Pyrophyllite Bricks need further study.

RS Pyrophyllite Bricks Company
RS Pyrophyllite Bricks Company

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RS Pyrophyllite Bricks for Sale

RS Kiln Refractory Manufacturer’s Pyrophyllite Bricks products, from raw material process to production process, all adopt high standards and strict requirements. Aims to provide customers with higher quality ladle lining materials.

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