Furnace Insulation Blanket

Furnace Insulation Blanket is an excellent refractory insulation material for sale in Rongsheng Factory at cheap cost. Furnace insulation blanket is produced with quality special ceramic fiber raw material through our advance manufacturing process through firing and finally molding with white color and standard size, and also has various excellent properties of good thermal shock resistance, good chemical stability and great tensile strength for application in spaceflight, steel and petrochemical fields as insulation lining or elevated temperature gasket.

Cheap Furnace Insulation Blanket For Sale
Furnace Insulation Blanket

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Description for Furnace Insulation Blanket

Furnace Insulation Blanket is formed with specialty aluminium silicate ceramic fiber filament through special two-side needled process, which greatly enhances the intertexture degree, delamination-resisting property, tensile strength and surface flatness. Furnace Blanket don’t contain any organic bond and make sure that furnace insulation blanket can service in high and low temperature and keep good created property and stability. Its refractoriness is 950~1400℃.

Features of Furnace Insulation Blanket

  • White color and standard size
  • Without any organic bond
  • Good strength of extension
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Great thermal shock resistance
  • Low heat capacity
  • Good sound absorption
  • Fire resistance
  • Thermal insulation
Sale Furnace Blanket
Furnace Blanket

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Application of Furnace Insulation Blanket

  • Lining of Furnace and Gas flue
  • Boiler insulation
  • High temperature insulation for spaceflight, steel and petrochemical
  • Thermal processing and temperature control
  • Furnace top insulation in glass furnace
  • Seal for furnace door
  • Elevated temperature gasket
  • Fire-resisting for Military equipment
  • Wall and backing lining heat insulation for industrial kiln and heating equipment
  • Heat insulation for high temperature equipment
  • Thermal insulation for high temperature pipeline
  • Thermal insulation and fire resistance for electrical apparatus element
  • Raw material of modules and collapse block

Rongsheng factory is a professional refractory bricks and materials manufacturer in China that has advanced manufacturing equipment and technology and also professional engineer. We can manufacture quality furnace insulation blanket for you and also can customize for your special size or performance requirements. If you are interested in any of our refractory products, please contact us for free quote or advice on application.

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