Low Cement Castable

Low Cement Castable for sale in RS Kiln Refractory Company, one kind of refractory cement castable materials, contains 3~8% cement content and performs variety excellent properties of high strength, low porosity, high density, low abrasion, thermal shock resistance and erosion resistance. Low Cement Castable refractory material is mainly used in metallurgy, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry and other silicate kiln.

Low Cement Castable
Low Cement Castable

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Description For Low Cement Castable

Low Cement Castable is calcium aluminate cement binding refractory castable and contains less than 2.5% CaO content. Base materials adopt ultrafine powder that have the same or similar chemical component with main material and have cohesive bonding function instead of part or most calcium aluminate cement. This kind of castable refractory belongs to concomitant hydration and cohesive bonding castable.

  • Castable cement has over 10~30% cement content.
  • Low cement castable is just content 3~8% cement.
  • Ultra low cement castable just has 1% cement content.
  • Non-cement is castable refractory without cement content.
Low Cement Castable For Sale
Low Cement Castable For Sale

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Properties Of Low Cement Castable

Low Cement Castables contain 3~8% cement content and 1~3% CaO content.

  • High refractoriness, high temperature strength and slag resistance.
  • Low porosity & High bulk density.
  • Low water content.
  • High strength.
  • Low linear change rate.
  • High thermostability.

High alumina low cement castable is developed based on refractory castable bonding clay, which has the varieties of low cement castable, ultra low cement castableb, non-cement or submicron powder and soild binder.

  • High density.
  • Low porosity.
  • High strength.
  • Low abrasion.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Resistance to erosion.
  • Good using effect.
Low Cement Castable Refractory Material
Low Cement Castable Refractory Material

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Application of Low Cement Castable

Low cement and ultra low cement castable’s service temperature is higher than the same materials common refractory castable.

Some components of external refining device, ladle cover of external refining ladle, furnace top lining of electric furnace, soaking pit lining of heating furnace, furnace lining of annealing furnace, tundish lining, tapping spout, high temperature nozzle and cover of iron runner and ladle lining.

  • Low cement castable for sale is used for linings of iron runner for blast furnace, iron notch for iron-melting furnace, pretreatment of hot metal monolithic powder gun.
  • Clay and high alumina low cement castable can be used for all kinds of thermal treatment furnace of heating furnace and soaking pit and rotary kiln linings.
  • Mullite low cement catable can be used for linings of high temperature nozzle and water-cooled tube binding lings of heating furnace.
  • Corundum and Zirconia-corundum low cement castable refractory material can be used for pats’ linings of molten steel furnace refining device.
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Main physicochemical indexes of Low Cement Castable

Item/Index M A1 A2
Chemical component 65 80 90
Aggregate Mullite Corundum Corundum
Maximum service temperature 1600 1700 1800
Refractorinee 1750 1790 1790
Bulk density 2.6 2.8 3.0
Linear change after sintered 1000℃ -0.2 -0.2 -0.2
1300℃ ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Pressure strength after sintered 110*24h 30 30 30
1000*3h 50 50 50
1400*3h 70 80 80

Application of Ultrahigh Strength Low cement Castable

Ultrahigh Strength Low cement Castable is used for all kinds of industrial kiln linings and badly service environment position with materials and slag scouring and chemical nature’s erosion.

  • Steel rolling heating furnace
    Furnace wall, furnace top, furnace bottom, burner block, mounting plate, pouring and prefabricate.
  • Furnace linings
    Smelting furnace, blast furnace and its accessory equipment, continuous casting tundish, aluminium cell and aluminum holding furnace.
    Chemical equipment linings.
Low Cement Castable Refractory
Low Cement Castable Refractory

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Service of Low Cement Castable

  • High refractoriness
    Prefer to high quality raw materials and with the excellent performance on high temperature property.
  • High strength
    Resistance to shock and scour, adapt to all kinds of service environment.
  • Usage
    Add water in proportion, stir to mortar that molded through shaking with machine.
  • Storage
    25kg/bag, sealed package and stored in the normal temperature for 3 months
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