High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement (previously called bauxite cement) is a kind of grinding hydraulic cementing materials with clinker about 50% alumina content and has calcium aluminate as the main material, which is also called refractory cement, which can be made to low cement high alumina castable to build or repair all kinds of furnace and kilns for thermal insulation or acid erosion resistance with high strength.

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Description for High Alumina Cement

The cement in RS Refractory Group uses bauxite and lime as the raw materials, which is a kind of hydraulic binders with aluminate as the main mineral composition that through calcining and grinding fine according to certain proportion. Its professional title is Aluminate Cement.

Rongsheng as one of professional refractory cement suppliers manufactures all kind of refractory cement for various furnaces and kilns building to resist sulfate attack.

Properties of High Alumina Cement

Early strength characteristics: Its early strength increase rate is far more than rapid hardening portland cement, the refractory cement is suitable for emergency repair engineering. Take restrictions on the use in structure engineering to prevent from the long-term strength reducing.

Larger heat of hydration: Early cement hardening heat release is larger. Compared with Portland cement at same grade, just a day can release 70 ~ 80% of the total heat of hydration. Due to the several kinds of heat release, It is suitable for low temperature curing of concrete engineering.

Strong resistance to sulfate attack: hydration process generates aluminium hydroxide gel to form a protective film instead of non-precipitating free alternating current calcium hydroxide. Latterly in the crystal transformation in the process of the erosion resistance will decrease.

Good high temperature resistance: The refractory cement can be used as heat resistant concrete cementitious materials to be configured to heat resistant concrete.

Application of High Alumina Cement

The refractory cement is mainly used to configure refractory castable such as high alumina low cement castable which can build or repair furnace or kiln for heat insulation or high temperature erosion.

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Quality Index of Refractory Cement


The cement refractory grade is tested compressive strength of 3 days according to the strength testing method of standard provisions and is divided into four grades of 425, 525, 625 and 725. (According to GB201-2000 requirement, the cement standard is revised as aluminate cement, aluminate cement standard of division is aluminum content, of which the original series of CA50 is canceled, and set up in accordance with the 3 day strength subdivided such as A600 and A700, A900 grade and etc.)


Residue on sieve of 0.088 mm square hole sieve should be less than 10%.

Note: uses specific surface area to replace cement fineness. Specific surface area shall not be less than 2400cm/2g according to GB 207-63 “cement specific surface area testing method”. It subjects to sieve analysis method.

Setting time

Initial high alumina cement setting time should not be earlier than 40 minutes and final setting time should not be later than 10 hours.


28 days intensity should be detected and its value shall not be less than grade index for 3 days.

Chemical composition

SiO2≤10%, Fe2O3≤3%.

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