Refractory Materials for Furnace

Refractory Materials for Furnace are a kind of inorganic nonmetallic materials with various excellent performances on application for industrial furnace such as glass furnace, cement kiln, ceramic kiln and coke oven. There are various high temperature refractory materials for refractory furnace lining application. Choose the right furnace lining refractory materials and bricks for the longer service life.

Cheap Refractory Materials for Furnace
Refractory Materials for Furnace

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Description for Refractory Materials for Furnace

Refractory materials for furnace include shaped refractory and unshaped refractory. Shaped refractory generally means all kinds of refractory bricks such as high alumina refractory bricks, silica refractory bricks, fire clay bricks, carbon bricks, magnesia bricks and so on. Unshaped refractory generally means various castables such as refractory cement, refractory concrete, and refractory mortar and so on. Choose the suitable refractory materials for furnace according the different physico-chemical requirements.

Features of Refractory Materials for Furnace

  • High Refractoriness and High temperature resistance
  • High temperature bulk stability
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • High Strength
Sale Refractory Materials for Glass Furnace Refractory Lining
Glass Furnace Refractory Lining

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Application of Refractory Materials for Furnace

Refractory materials for glass furnace

Consider comprehensively the factors for damaging the furnace lining according to the work environment in glass furnace such as chemical corrosion, mechanical erosion, excessive volatility and high temperature function.

There are the following choices of refractory materials for furnace:

  • Al2O3~SiO2 series: fire clay bricks and silica refractory bricks
  • Al2O3~ZrO2~SiO2 series: zircon brick and AZS brick
  • ZrO2~SiO2 series
  • MgO~Al2O3, MgO~Cr2O3, MgO~SiO2 series
  • Refractory insulation materials such as high alumina ball, refractory ceramic fiber products and light weight refractory and so on.

Refractory materials for cement kiln

Choose various types of refractory materials to use in cement kiln comprehensive. Such as

  • Basic refractory: magnesia chrome brick, magnesia brick, spinel brick and dolomite brick and so on. Magnesite-chrome brick includes common magnesia chrome brick, direct-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks and semi-direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks.
  • Al2O3~SiO2 series refractory materials: fire clay bricks, high alumina refractory bricks, special high alumina bricks such as phosphate-bonded high alumina brick, anti-stripping high alumina brick and alkali-resisting semi-acid fire clay brick and so on.
  • Refractory insulation materials: silicic acid board and light-weight insulating brick.
  • Refractory castable: high strength high alkali castable, skinning resistance castable, low cement castable, castable for kiln site, castable for coal-injection duct, castable for tertiary air duct and wear-resisting castable.
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Refractory Furnace Lining

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Refractory materials for ceramic kiln

Require materials with high temperature resistance for kiln lining. And the firing temperature decides the types of required refractory materials for furnace.

  • Use fire clay bricks under the 1300℃ temperature
  • Use high alumina refractory bricks at the 1300~1400℃ temperature
  • Use silica refractory bricks at the 1400~1500℃ temperature
  • Use magnesia alumina brick at the 1500~1600℃ temperature
  • Use Corundum brick under the 1800 ℃ temperature

Refractory materials for coke oven

Quality high alumina bricks, sillimanite brick and andalusite brick

  • Refractory materials for coking chamber: quality high alumina bricks, sillimanite brick and andalusite brick
  • Refractory materials for combustor: fireclay bricks, silica refractory bricks
  • Refractory materials for furnace top: fireclay bricks, silica refractory bricks
  • Refractory materials for chute: silica fire bricks
  • Refractory materials for regenerative chamber
  • Refractory materials for chimney flue: fireclay bricks

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