Corundum Mullite Castable Refractory

Corundum Mullite Castable Refractory is a kind of high strength unshaped refractory materials for sale in RS Company, which can be used in cement kiln.

Corundum Mullite Castable For Sale
Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable

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Description for Corundum Mullite Castable Refractories

Corundum Mullite Castable Refractories can perform high properties such as high crushing strength, high temperature stability, thermal shock resistance, wear and chemical erosion resistance in lining of large power station boiler and other high temperature equipments.

Properties Of Corundum Mullite Refractory Castables

  • High strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Strong wear resistance
  • Good erosion resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock stability
Corundum Mullite Castable Refractory In RS Factory
Corundum Mullite Castables Refractory

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Application Of Corundum Mullite Refracory Castables

Corundum Mullite Castable Refractory can be used in steel furnace, cement kiln, glass furnace, iron making furnace, ceramic tunnel kiln and so on.

Specification Of Corundum Mullite Castables Refractory

Item NGM-1 NGM-2 NGM-3
Al2O3 ≥ 70 75 85
SiO2 ≤ 25 17 13
Fe2O3 ≤ 1 1 1
Bulk Density g/cm3 ≥ 2.7 2.8 2.9
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load ℃  ≥ 1450 1480 1500
Thermal Shock Resistance, Times, (900℃, water-cooling) ≥ 25 25 25
Maximum Service Temperature ℃ 1550 1550 1600
Linear Dimensional Change % ≤ -0.3 -0.2 -0.2
Cold Crushing Strength Mpa ≥ 110℃*24h 100 110 120
1100℃*3h 100 110 120
1400℃*3h 115 120 125
MOR ≥ 110℃*24h 15 15 15
1100℃*3h 16 17 18
1400℃*3h 17 18 19
High Quality Corundum Mullite Castables
RS Corundum Mullite Castables Manufacturer

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Advantages Of RS Corundum Mullite Refractory Castables Manufacturer

  • RS Company as a professional kiln refractory materials manufacturer in China can provide you a very competitive price.
  • We have many years experience on castable refractory production that we can export the high quality corundum mullite castable refractory products to you.
  • We own our professional refractory factory in China that we have large refractory in stock and we can promise the timely delivery to you.
  • RS also will provide the professional packing with wooden pallets, water-proof cover and tightened with plastic or steel bandages.

The last but the important, RS Castable Refractory Manufacturer has now running a new large castable refractory production line, mainly for the unshaped refractories. With the advanced equipment, and the latest refractory formula, protect your cement kiln refractory lining for long life.

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