Refractory Anchors

Description for Refractory Anchors

  • Refractory Anchors is a kind of structural component to connect and fix lightweight refractories of ceramic fiber, lightweight insulation bricks and unshaped refractory with kiln metal sidings.
  • Choose anchoring parts with different structure and materials according to industrial kiln structure, furnace box temperature and environmental atmosphere.
  • Refractory Anchors can be used for refractories that service in the classification Temperature section of 800~1400℃.

Features of Refractory Anchors

  • Temperature range: 800~1400℃
  • Multiple types: line-styled, Cross- styled, L type
  • Reasonably structured, fastness and anchoring reliable
  • Easy installation and Faster

Application of Refractory Anchors

  • Fixation for ceramic fiber modules and collapse block
  • Fixation for all kinds of refractory bricks and castables
  • Fixation for anchoring of ceramic fiber spraying
  • Fixed joint for all kinds of high temperature board material and high temperature equipment
Refractory Anchors for Sale In Rongsheng Supplier
Refractory Anchors

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Technical Performance of Refractory Anchors

Component/types Cr (%) Ni (%) S (%) C (%) Si (%) Mn (%) P (%) Al2O3 (%)
Stainless steel anchoring parts 18~25 9~2 ≤0.0 ≤0.0 ≤1.5 ≤2.0 ≤0.0
Ceramic anchoring parts 95 alumina ceramics (The maximum service temperature 1500℃) ≥95 0 3 8 0 0 35
92 alumina ceramics (The maximum service temperature 1400℃) ≥ 92

Refractory Anchors Manufacturer

Rongsheng Refractory is one of professional refractory anchors manufacturers in China. Rongsheng manufactures high quality refractory anchors in multiple sizes and temperature ratings that are used to anchor refractories in furnace and process equipment. Refractory anchor which for sale in Rongsheng are wire formed, die stamped, roll threaded and welded into a variety of anchoring products for castable monolithic, abrasion resistant and ceramic fiber refractory linings.

Whether you are looking for a common steer-horn V-anchor, threaded studs, wall support plates, ceramic refractory anchor assembly, or custom-designed refractory anchor, Rongsheng can help you to choose the right anchor refractories for your unique refractory installation.

Cheap Refractory Anchors For Sale
Cheap Refractory Anchors

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Refractory Anchor Design

Rongsheng can also help you with anchoring design. If you’re not sure about which type of anchor would be most suitable, or are confused with temperatures, alloys, refractory anchor spacing or other design criteria, we have professional engineer to guide you.

Refractory Anchor Nails

Refractory Anchor Nails has features of high temperature resistance, aging-resistant, temperature shock resistance, corrosion prevention, cold and heat-resisting, high bearing capacity, high pressure-bearing and good tensile property. Its materials contain chrome, nickel and titanium. Anchor Nails will be not easy to cause deformation after loading. Anchor Nails are easy to install with hammering. Anchor Nails are widely used in cement industry.

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