Refractory Board for Sale

Refractory Board for Sale is a typical refractory insulation material with high temperature resistance and heat saving properties that can be used for furnace lining insulation in all kinds of blast furnace, rotary kiln and cement kiln and so on. Refractory board also can be customized into different thickness and size according to the grade that can resist temperatures.

Quality Refractory Board for Sale
Refractory Board for Sale

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Description for Refractory Board for Sale

Refractory Board for Sale in Rongsheng Factory is manufactured from high purity ceramic fibers for a variety of high temperature applications. It is a great refractory insulation material for all kinds of furnace application. We provide high quality refractory board for sale with the low price.

Features of Refractory Board for Sale

  • Rongsheng refractory board for sale serves with low thermal conductivity, high heat stability, uniform density and excellent resistance to chemical corrosion for high temperature furnace.
  • Refractory Board for Sale is strong, self-supporting, lightweight and easy to cut or made with excellent rigidity and modulus of rupture.
Sale Refractory Insulation Board
Refractory Insulation Board

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Application of Refractory Board for Sale

  • Refractory Board for Sale is versatile product that can be used as back up or hot face insulation materials.
  • Refractory insulation board can be used as high temperature gasket and seals
  • Refractory board insulation can be used for flue and chimney linings in furnace and kilns
  • Refractory board also can be used as molten metal trough covers

Rongsheng is a leading refractory bricks and materials manufacturer that can provide customers with quality and cheap refractory board insulating materials. We also export a wide variety of refractory blanket, paper, modules, rope and other refractory insulation materials to all countries around the world. If you are interested in refractory board or other refractory materials, please contact us for free quote. We will be always glad to reply you as we receiving your enquiry.

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