Castable Refractory Cement

Castable Refractory Cement is an ideal refractory material for repairing lining of furnaces or kilns, such as being cast into custom shapes to replace the damaged or worn out refractory fire brick. It has high strength and strong wear-erosion resistance properties, which generally used in blast furnace.

Castable Refractory Cement for Sale in RS Company
Castables Refractory Cement

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Description for Castable Refractory Cement

Castables Refractory Cement can be cast into irregular shapes for filling large holes or cracks in masonry fireboxes or as a solid stone bed. Mix this refractory material with water, which let the cement express the higher chemical strength like a hard rock and can bear the high temperature reaching 3000 degree.

RS 3000 degree castables refractory cement is a kind of dense refractory castable that can resist 3000˚F, which has low iron content and high purity. The refractory cement is designed to resist reducing atmospheres, carbon deposition, erosion and abrasion. RS this castable refractory can be used for gunning, casting, troweling, or extruding.

Properties of Castables Refractory Cement

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent high strength
  • Easy construction
  • Strong wear erosion resistance
3000 Degree Castable Refractory Cement in RS
3000 Degree Castables Refractory Cement

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Castable Refractory Cement Uses

For the applications, castable refractory cement can be used for repairing lining and firebrick in blast furnace, also can be used for masonry fireboxes and outdoor fire pits.

No matter furnaces or kilns those always has their certain service life. A large blast furnace is built with many types of refractory materials and ten thousands of refractory bricks. If there only several parts of lining bricks are damaged, rebuild the kiln or furnace cost too much, you may not replace all the firebrick in the blast furnace once, but you have to let the furnace keep running. So you can use castables refractory cement to repair or replace the damaged firebricks, which is very convenient and easy to operate.  The castables refractory cement can service the super high strength as the lining support after mixing water.

RS Group Castable Refractory Cement Supplier

RS Group as a Professional Kiln Refractory Materials Company in China, can supply high quality and cheap castables refractory cement. Advanced production technology and manufacturing equipment provide the base for our quality refractory materials. Contact us for more information about unshaped refractory material, such as cement, castable, mortar, coating, ramming mass, etc. More selection, free quote, faster delivery from RS Group.

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