Corundum Coating

Corundum Coating is a kind of monolithic refractories, which has unshaped property and can be used easily. Corundum Refractory Coating has strong erosion resistance and high strength that can be used to spray the cement kiln for preheater, grate cooler, tertiary air duct, hot kiln hood, cogeneration pipe and so on

Corundum Coating
Corundum Refractory Coating

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Corundum Refractory Coating Description

  • Corundum Coating is dry powdery materials made of aggregate, fines and binding agent and annexing agent, which can be used with air tool through mechanical spraying method.
  • Corundum Refractory Coating belongs to one kind of refractory coatings. There are also other refractory coatings according to different raw materials, such as magnesia coating, alumina silica coating and phosphate coating refractory.
  • In the process of spraying, the materials made of cement and aggregate repeated shock that make the coating materials be pressed to be tenser. The coating layer has better dense and mechanical strength. The construction process is actual together the transport, casting and coating to be one process, which do not need mold making, its process is easy, and has high effectively and wide application.

Corundum Coating Properties

  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good strength in the early time
  • Strong alkali erosion resistance
  • rapid construction speed
  • Low resilience rate

Corundum Refractory Coating Application

In the new dry process cement kiln, corundum coating is mainly used for the positions of preheater, grate cooler, tertiary air duct, hot kiln hood, cogeneration pipe and so on.

Corundum Coating Supplier

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