Acidic Refractory

Acidic refractory generally means the refractory with over 93% SiO2 content, which has the main property of acid erosion resistance at the high temperature and is easy to be reacted with alkali slag. Acidic refractory has silicon oxide as the main component and is suitable used in areas where slag and atmosphere are acidic.

 Various Cheap Acidic Refractory For Sale in Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Manufacture
Acidic Refractory

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Refractory materials can be classified into three types according to chemical characteristics:

  • Acid Refractory Material
  • Neutral Refractory Material
  • Alkali Refractory Material
Various Cheap Acidic Refractories For Sale in Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Manufacture
Acidic Refractories

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Description for Acidic Refractory

Acidic refractories include substances such as zirconia, alumina, silica and fire clay brick refractory. The most commonly used acid resistant brick are Silica Brick and Fireclay Brick.

Silica brick is a kind of silica product with over 93% SiO2 content. Its raw materials are silica and waste silica brick. It has strong resistance to acid slag erosion and high refractoriness under load that is close to its refractoriness. There will not bulk shrink after reheating, but a little expanse. Silica brick is easy affected by alkali slag erosion. Silica brick is mainly used in heating equipments of coke oven, glass furnace and acid steel-melting furnace.

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Fire Clay Refractory Brick

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Fireclay brick has 30~46% Al2O3 content with raw material of refractory clay. Its refractoriness is 1580~1770℃. Fireclay bricks have properties of good thermal shock resistance and strong acid slag erosion resistance, which are widely used for all kinds of linings in furnace and kiln.

Various Cheap Acid Refractories For Sale in Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Manufacture
Acid Refractories

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Performance of Acidic Refractory

  • High temperature resistance
  • Strong resistance to acid erosion
  • Strong resistance to slag erosion
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good resistance to oxides of CaO、FeO、Fe2O3 and etc.

Application of Acidic Refractory

  • Furnace and kiln with acid slag and atmosphere erosion
  • Coke oven & Glass furnace
  • Acid steel-melting furnace
Various Cheap Acid Brick For Sale in Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Manufacture
Acid Brick

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Rongsheng Refractory can provide customers with all kind of acid refractory products such as Silica Bricks, Fused Silica Burnt Product, Fireclay Brick, High Alumina Brick, Mullite Product, Sillimanite Brick and etc. at high quality and low price.

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