Castable Refractory Material

Rongsheng castable refractory material is a mixture of refractory aggregate, powder and binder. After adding water or other liquid, it is suitable for casting or vibration method. It can also be pre-made into preforms with specified shape and size. This refractory are used for construct industrial furnace lining. Learn about the castables refractory, RS castable refractory materials manufacturer will help you more.

Castable Refractory
RS Castable Refractory Materials

The Role of Admixtures in Castable Refractory Material

In order to improve the physical and chemical properties and workability of the castable refractory materials, an appropriate amount of an admixture such as a plasticizer, a dispersant, a coagulant, a retarder, a swelling agent, a gelling-gelling agent, and the like are often added. In addition, if a suitable amount of stainless steel fiber is added to the refractory castable which is subjected to a strong mechanical force or a strong thermal shock, the toughness of the material is remarkably increased. In the insulating refractory castable, if inorganic fibers are added, the toughness can be enhanced and the heat insulating performance can be improved.

Formulation Design of Castable Refractory Material

The formulation of the castable refractory material consists of two parts: application design parameters and material design parameters.

The refractory castables used under the set target conditions need to consider the combination of raw materials, manufacturing technology, material assembly (construction) and application technology.

The goal of formula design is to find a balance between material properties and application conditions.

Generally, the type of refractory lining and the quality of the material used for the kiln are determined according to the operating conditions of the actual kiln (operating temperature, furnace atmosphere, and contact state of dust, steam and liquid and/or slag, etc.) and smelting slag characteristics.

If the castable refractory materials are selected as the target lining, materials compatible with the conditions of use and suitable bonding systems and additives which can further improve and improve the performance should be selected to produce a better refractory castable.

The castable refractory materials have simple production process, saves labor and energy, has high construction efficiency and good quality, and can be prepared on site or selected with excellent performance materials. Therefore, the refractory castable is an unshaped refractory material with a large amount and wide application range in the furnace construction project.

RS Castable Refractory Material Manufacturer

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