Fireproof Refractory Cement Mix

Fireproof Refractory Cement Mix has a fire resistance of not less than 1580 degrees Celsius. According to different composition, it can be divided into aluminate refractory cement, low calcium aluminate refractory cement, calcium magnesium aluminate cement and dolomite refractory cement.

Fireproof Refractory Cement Mix
Fireproof Refractory Cement Mix

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What is Refractory Cement Mix?

Refractory Cement Mix, also known as high temperature cement, Heat resistant cement. It is a kind of refractory cement added with special materials when preparing high temperature refractory concrete and Castable refractory cement. The best ratio of refractory cement adding is 30%.

Generally, refractory cement mix is also called aluminate cement. Aluminate cement is produced by calcining bauxite and limestone as raw materials. It is a hydraulic cementitious material made by grinding clinker with calcium aluminate as the main component and alumina content of about 50%. Anf by the colors, aluminate cement is often yellow or brown, and sometimes gray. The main minerals of aluminate cement are monocalcium aluminate (CaO · Al2O3, CA) and other aluminates, as well as a small amount of dicalcium silicate (2CaO · SiO2), etc., which is a kind of special refractory cement.

High Alumina Castable Refractory Cement
High Alumina Castable Refractory Cement

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Uses of Refractory Cement Mix

Based on some characteristics of refractory cement mix, such as:

  1. Good plasticity and convenient construction;
  2. Large bond strength and strong corrosion resistance;
  3. High fire resistance;
  4. Good resistance to slag intrusion;
  5. Good thermal exfoliation.

Heat resistant cement is often used to prepare refractory concrete or refractory mortar with other refractory materials with a refractoriness above 1770 ℃. The calcined alumina and high alumina brick fragments are also the raw materials. The refractory concrete or refractory mortar is often used as a refractory lining in some high-temperature kilns. And some high-temperature projects that have been eroded by the atmosphere and rain for a long time.

How to Use Refractory Cement Mix

The use of refractory cement mix is very simple, it can be hardened after adding water to mix, generally do not need to add other binders, you can add some refractory aggregate and powder. If refractory cement mix is used alone, a lot of cracks will be generated after high temperature. It can be used to bond various refractory aggregates (such as corundum, calcined high alumina bauxite, etc.) to make castable refractory mortar or concrete, which is used as lining for cement rotary kiln and other industrial kilns.

Use Refractory Cement Mix
Use Refractory Cement Mixs for Bricks Lining

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Precautions for Using Castable Refractory Cement

  1. At the normal temperature of 350 degrees, it is most likely to cause local burst. Special attention should be paid to slow baking. If there is still a lot of steam coming out after holding at 350 degrees, the heating rate should be slowed down.
  2. Under conditions of poor ventilation and water vapor not easily discharged, the heat preservation time should be properly extended.
  3. When baking with heavy oil, it is necessary to prevent heavy oil from spraying on the surface of the furnace lining to prevent local bursting.
  4. When firewood is used for baking, direct contact with the flame often causes excessive local heating, which should be protected.
  5. The newly poured refractory cement can only be baked after at least 3 days.
  6. The cooling of the refractory cement lining should also be slow to avoid forced volume ventilation.
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