Metallurgical Grade Fluorspar CaF2 Steel-Making Flux

In the traditional steelmaking process, Fluorspar CaF2 is used as the main flux for dephosphorization of converter steelmaking slag. Its main ingredient is calcium fluoride (CaF2). It can accelerate the melting of calcium and improve the fluidity of slag to improve the dephosphorization effect. For fluorspar supply, Please contact the reliable supplier.

Metallurgical Grade Fluorspar CaF2
Metallurgical Grade Fluorspar CaF2

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Fluorspar CaF2 Uses

However, the use of Fluorspar CaF2 as a slag agent for steel-making converters has certain limitations. On the one hand, the fluorine in fluorite will seriously erode the lining of the converter, resulting in a reduction in the life of the converter, pollution of the air, and increased consumption of steel materials. On the other hand, due to the shortage of Fluorspar CaF2 resources in recent years, the price of fluorite has fluctuated greatly, and the price of fluorite with higher grade has increased exponentially. Greatly increased the production cost of steel-making enterprises. Therefore, domestic and foreign staff engaged in metallurgical technology are struggling to find a slag agent for steel-making converters that can replace fluorspar.

Steel-Making Flux Uses

In order to solve the problem that the composition of blast furnace molten iron fluctuates greatly, it is difficult to achieve steady state control and standardization of smelting operations in the molten iron smelting process. Introduce flux in the converter operation to adjust the slag. The application practice shows that after the converter uses flux to adjust the slag. During the blowing process, there is no splashing, drying or sticking, which can reduce slag consumption by 9.3 kg / t. The metal blowing loss was reduced from 11.60% to 10.01%, and a significant economic effect was achieved. Achieved the purpose of smooth converter smelting and reducing production costs.


Therefore, make full use of your own technological advantages and make bold innovations. It is a trend to use non-metallic mineral products with large reserves, non-toxic and non-polluting products to develop a new product, Fluorine-free dephosphorization slag-regulating reagent, that can significantly reduce the cost of steelmaking, reduce emissions and increase the service life of converter refractory linings. The successful development and use of this product will greatly reduce the steelmaking process costs of steel companies and reduce environmental pollution. Bring good comprehensive benefits to the metallurgical industry.

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